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"Growing In Godly Affection: Hindrances to Delight In Christ"

More than any other time before, we're living among distractions, enticements and entertainments that are pulling and tugging our affection and devotion away from Christ. Today I'm not simply talking to new Christian converts or people who're just peering into Christianity to see what it's all about, I'm talking to embattled saints who live everyday with the aim of crucifying their flesh, taking up their cross and following Christ. The kingdom of God is not composed of glamorous Gospel superstars, who walk the Gospel Red Carpet and live perfect lives, but is made up of weak people who can only ever accomplish anything by the grace of God at work within them. So it's important that we don't look at ourselves, feign introspection and say "well, that can't be me. I don't have that problem". Maybe we don't use such direct words, but our thoughts, actions and attitudes reflect when we don't want to confront the sin within ourselves. Wee…