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"For The Lonely Christian"

"For The Lonely Christian"
No part of this is meant to illicit sympathy but I thought it would be nice to share a small part of my young life in hopes that someone will realize that Jesus understands their loneliness. I grew up as a pretty lonely child. I have three siblings whom I love. We played outside together, fussed at each other, ate together...did everything together. I have cousins who're like sisters to me; we also grew up extremely close. My reasons for growing up lonely never seemed to stem from a lack of people surrounding me; I have a HUGE family, but as I look back I can see that I've always been a pretty different person. I've always had different tastes and interest. I've always loved to do different things. I've always had different opinions and points of view, I've always dressed differently, listened to different types of music.... and the list could go on

When I was in elementary school I was the bucktooth black boy with blue circul…