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The Prosperity Gospel and the Dilemma of Glorifying Comfort, Health and Wealth - Part 2

Drifting Away From The "Me-Centered" Gospel - (it's for us, but not about us).

Man-centered Theology If you ask most people what the Gospel is about today, they will more than likely direct you to their personal testimony, or will use phrases like "I don't look like, what I've been through" or "look at how God blessed me", sometimes even to evoke an emotional response from the congregation. The worship songs sung are now more centered on our emotions, how we feel about God, and who we perceive him to be rather than singing the revealed truth of who he is through his written word; or our personal circumstances are the focus of such songs rather than the holy character of God. The sermons preached are more about, God's "blessings, favor and wishing for unexpected money" rather than solid biblical admonitions on righteous living, or other core Gospel tenants. Man-centered theology can show up in a variety of other ways, but ultimately…
The Prosperity Gospel and the Dilemma of Glorifying Comfort, Health and Wealth
Part 1

A Misinterpretation of scriptures:             For those who're unfamiliar with the term "Prosperity Gospel", it is a name prescribed to the belief that God's primary concern for his children is their happiness through being wealthy financially, and healthy bodily. At the core of the prosperity gospel is that people can create their own realities by declaring or claiming whatever they want from God; that faith is a "force" to be activated that works at the believers will, rather than a deep trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ no matter the outcome of one's situation; that the believer is entitled to blessings from God. Some believe that God can only use a believer that is well known, successful according to worldly standards and prospering openly for all to see. Other extremes include the belief that the Holy Spirit's power is for the believer's personal …

Holiness: New Affections & A Heavenly Pursuit

A Road Less Traveled With the rapidly ensuing degradation of our immoral society, and the unmistakable signs visibly foretelling of the saviors imminent return, and coming judgment, our eyes may be opened as to whyJesus admonished his children to "enter into the narrow gate" because the "broad path leads to destruction" (Matthew 7:13). Now more than ever, it behooves the believer to stand immovably for God's standard of righteousness in every aspect of living; "The narrow gate" is an open path to freedom, yet ironically, the bible says, it is the road less traveled; this is because it is not a path that leads to freedom from trials, temptations and difficulties, or a path where appeasement of human happiness is priority,but it is a path where the believer is free to strive for the sake of Christ and eternity (Galatians 5:1-17), a striving that we can only resolve to do individually, driven by eyes of faith, constantly seeing the beauty and purposes of …