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"Satisfied In Jesus, When The Cross Of Calvary Is Enough"

"Satisfied In Jesus, When The Cross Of Calvary Is Enough"

Throughout the course of history, up until the present day 21st century, we see mankind pursuing a variety of things, ultimately aiming for satisfaction in some area or another. Look  back into the Garden of Eden in Genesis. Adam and Eve had the sweet fellowship and love of their creator. They had the BEST of all provision that anyone could ask for. BUT that didn’t seem to be enough! It’s important to make the distinction here that Adam and Eve were perfect creations, but they were not like God. There is no form of creation, that is as equal to or as high as God, and this truth is what Satan used to disintegrate their all satisfying world. Just as he does to us, Satan placed a pocket of doubt in their relationship with God.

I believe that there was a sort of satisfaction, or at least an extremely rich appeal in the promise that Satan made. He promised Adam and Eve that they’d be just as God knowing good and evil, but A…